The Simchat Bat Checklist

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1.  Your full Name:

2.  Your address:

3.  Your e-mail address:

4.  Your spouse’s e-mail address and cell number:

5.  Your home and cell numbers:

6.  The date and time of the baby's birth:

7.  If the baby has not arrived, when is your due date?

8.  Is this your first child?

9.  What are the names and ages of your other children?

10. Are you having a scheduled/elective cesarean section?

11. When is the scheduled date of delivery?

12. Has the sex of the baby been confirmed by sonogram?

13. Baby's full English name:

14. Baby's Hebrew name:

15. Father's full English name:

16. Father's Hebrew name:

17. Mother's full English name:

18. Mother's Hebrew name:

19. Kvatter/Kvatterin: This is the person/people who brings the baby in the room. It is usually the mother and father.

20. Kvatter/Kvatterin's relationship to the baby:

21. What are the names of the baby’s grandparents, great-grandparents and step-grandparents who will be attending the ceremony?

22. Will a Rabbi be present?

23. Who will cut the Challah and say the Motsi?
This honor is usually reserved for the grandfather(s)/ great-grandfather(s).

24. What is his (her) relationship to the baby?

25. The names of two (2) witnesses for the Simchat Bat certificate: It should be noted that if the mother of the baby is not Jewish, then the witnesses should be an Adult Jewish person who is not a blood relative of the baby.

26. Name, telephone number  and complete address of where the Simchat Bat will take place.

27. The e-mail address and telephone number of the family/friend hosting the Simchat Bat:

28. Does the  Simchat Bat street and town  address differ from the GPS address?

29. Date and time of the Simchat Bat:

30. Actual time that the Simchat Bat is to begin:

31. Whom may we thank for referring you to this site?

32. What is their e-mail address?

It would be my honor to attend your daughter’s Simchat Bat Ceremony.


Dr. Richard I. Roberts - Certified Mohel

Cell: 516.455.2374