After Care Instructions

Please read this information sheet, as it will answer many of your questions and alert you to potential complications following the circumcision.

DO keep the penis and diaper area clean as you usually would after each large bowel movement (stool on penis) using either a soft cotton cloth, cotton balls or a gauze with a few drops of non-detergent soap (such as Ivory, Dove or Johnson’s Baby Bath) in warm water, rinse, then gently dry. Continue to wash like this for a period of 10 days. It is absolutely OK to wet & touch the penis. When the baby urinates, simply change the dressing if soaked...washing is not necessary.

DO use Vaseline Petroleum on the penis to completely lubricate the entire penis so it will not stick to the diaper. It will also serve as a protective barrier. You can apply the Vaseline onto the gauze or directly onto the penis. The gauze serves no medical purpose and is just for parental convenience. The penis may remain in any position and the baby may sleep on his back or side. If gauze sticks to the wound, simply soak the baby’s bottom is a basin of warm water or cover with a piece of luke warm gauze to easily remove.

DO NOT use paste ointments like Desitin- they dry and do not lubricate well. Never use anesthetic creams (EMLA) after circumcision for pain relief. They are dangerous and are not necessary.

What to expect over the next few days:

* Feeding and behavior: Please feed your son as usual, but do not be surprised if he eats less on the first day following the procedure. He may sleep more or less than usual. Generally by two cycles of eating and sleeping, he will be back to his usual behavior, but certainly by 24 hours afterwards. Recovery might be delayed if your son is over stimulated by passing him around from person to person- less stimulation is better.

* Swelling of the penis and normal secretions: It is normal for the area just under the glands to be swollen and pink for several days. The most swelling is in the area immediately behind the glands. This underneath surface is also where it may ooze blood. After 24 hours small yellow-white firm plaques, moist crusts or a whitish film may occur near the wound or head of the penis. This is normal and will eventually disappear.

* Wipe as usual but do not scrub the discharge off. Infection at the circumcision site is very, very rare (I have never seen it) so do not be alarmed by the normal healing process.

* Bleeding: The first several diaper changes after the circumcision may show mild oozing of bright red blood where the incision was made- several drops are normal. Apply firm direct pressure using a gauze with Vaseline to any area of continued oozing for a period of 10-15 minutes. DO NOT examine the wound while applying pressure. If the bleeding persists, or 1 gauze square is completely soaked, or if the diaper begins filling with blood call me, your physician or take the baby to the hospital. (This advice is only precautionary and HIGHLY unlikely)

* Adhesions/Summary.

1. Keep the area clean.

2. Apply gauze with Vaseline to the area at each diaper change for 1 week.

3. Gently retract the foreskin beginning 2 days from the ceremony for 2 weeks to prevent adhesion formation.


Please schedule an appointment with your pediatrician 1 week after the Bris ceremony. Please feel free to contact me me at any time with further questions or concerns.


Dr. Richard I. Roberts - Certified Mohel
Cell: 516.455.2374