The ABC’s of Scheduling a Simchat Bat

Always try and speak with Dr. Roberts prior to the birth of your baby. Please feel free to e-mail him directly and he will arrange a mutually convenient time to speak at length regarding the ceremony.

*Once the baby is born, call Dr. Roberts immediately. However, if the birth occurs very early in the morning (for example 2 a.m.) please wait and call Dr. Roberts later that morning. It is best to speak with Dr. Roberts within the first 24 hours after delivery.

* It would be advisable to place Dr. Roberts' name and cell phone number (516.455.2374) on your list of persons to call from the hospital.

* After calling Dr. Roberts, please be patient. He may be performing a ceremony or delivering a baby!

* If you fail to hear from him after 4-5 hours, then call again. Occasionally, an excited father will fail to leave the correct telephone number or area code which will preclude Dr. Roberts from returning your call.

Baby is born. What information will Dr. Roberts need when we make the initial telephone call?

Please give Dr. Roberts the following information:

* all important telephone numbers (cell, home, office and hospital).
* date and time of delivery.
* type of delivery (vaginal or cesarean section).
* location of ceremony.

Can we do anything to prepare for the Simchat Bat? Yes!

* Gather your thoughts regarding how we can make this ceremony a memorable experience, filled with significance and meaning for all those involved. What message would you like me to share with you family and friends at the ceremony.

* Please review the information provided on the web site regarding "Simchat Bat Basics."

* Please complete the information requested on the Simchat Bat Checklist.

* Decide on the honorees that will participate at the ceremony.

* Choose a Hebrew name for your daughter..

* Gather important family items that will make this ceremony memorable. These items may include: Kiddush cups, Tallitot and photographs of important family members who may or may not be present at the Simchat Bat Ceremony.

It would be my honor to attend your daughter’s Simchat Bat Ceremony.


Dr. Richard I. Roberts - Certified Mohel
Cell: 516.455.2374