The Simchat Bat Supply List

1.   Please completely feed the baby 30 minutes prior to the actual start time of the Simchat Bat Ceremony.

2.   One (1) freshly washed receiving blanket

3.   One (1) sturdy table, about the size of a bridge table, with a white tablecloth

4.   Two (2) high back chairs

5.   Three (3) tallises (prayer shawls), one for the father, two for the grandfathers (optional)

6.   Challah bread with bread knife and Challah cover

7.   An unopened bottle of Sweet Kosher White Wine at room temperature

8.  Wine opener

9.  Kiddish cup or wine glass

10.  Three (3) pacifers

11.  Three (3) bottles of chilled water.

12.  Yarmulkes (Skullcaps) for the men in the ceremony

13.  One (1) tablecloth

14.  Two (2) or three (3) framed pictures of close family members (optional)

15.  A small bouquet of flowers (optional)

It would be my honor to attend your daughter’s Simchat Bat Ceremony.


Dr. Richard I. Roberts - Certified Mohel

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