Brit Milah Supply List

1.  Please have the baby COMPLETELY fed 30 minutes before the actual start time of the Bris Ceremony.

2.   One freshly washed receiving blanket

3.   Four (4) disposable diapers and a few diaper wipes

4.   Two (2) large fresh tubes of Vaseline Petroleum Jelly.

5.   A bathroom size wastebasket with a plastic bag liner

6.  A sturdy table, slightly larger than  a bridge table

7.  Tallises (prayer shawls) are  optional

8.  Challah bread with bread knife and Challah cover

9. An opened bottle of Manischewitz Concord Kosher Grape Wine.

10.  Wine opener

11.  Kiddish cup or wine glass 

12.  Yarmulkes (Skullcaps) for the men in the ceremony

13.  One (1) bottle of breast milk or formula to be used during the ceremony (if needed)

14.  Three (3) pacifiers (optional)

15.  EMLA Cream (Prescription only)
A topical anesthetic that is to be applied to the foreskin 30 minutes before the actual start time of the ceremony. After the EMLA has been applied; wrap the area in plastic wrap to prevent the diaper from absorbing the cream. 

16.  Box of 4" x 4" or 3”x 3” sterile gauze pads

17.  Three (3) bottles of chilled water

18.  A bottle of Infant Acetaminophen (to be started 4 hours AFTER the Bris ceremony… if the baby is fussy). Please closely follow the appropriate dosing schedule as outlined on the box.

19. Two (2) tablecloths. One tablecloth will cover the bris table during the ceremony. The second tablecloth may be needed after the ceremony if the table will be used to serve food

20.  Two (2) comfortable baby outfits

21.  Two (2) or three (3) framed pictures of close family members (optional)

22.  A small bouquet of flowers (optional)

23.  Extra camera with a new memory card. Please assign photo responsibilities to someone.

It would be my honor to attend your son’s Brit Milah.


Dr. Richard I. Roberts - Certifed Mohel

Cell: 516.455.2374    Fax: 516.482.1822